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After more than fiftenn years of criminal practice in Brazil’s most traditional and renowned legal firms, as well as of academic research in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, Leonardo Sica from University of Sao Paulo Law School founded Sica Advocacia, in 2012.

Sica Advocacia was built upon two fundamental goals: to adapt criminal practice to complex demands of contemporary society and to apply knowledge and experience to help our cases, making an effective combination between academy and real life.

The law firm practice was designed to respond to several changes in effect since the end of the last century, leading to both a quantitative and qualitative increase of criminal justice.
More facts are criminalized and the criminal procedure structure has changed, resulting in new forms of intervention (Moccia, La perene emergenza). To traditional advocacy values and principles (such as discretion and accountability), it is now crucial to add innovation, efficiency, language and technology. This is the only way to define proper methods and paradigms of practice to fully represent clients’ rights and interests.

From the legal arguments to case management, the law firm applies modern tools such as complete file digitalization, data sharing in cloud computing, performance targets, statistical analysis of case law, as well as strategic partnerships for litigation with other firms and renowned scholars and specialists for legal opinions, whenever needed.

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