Actuation Areas

Although it acts in criminal cases of any nature, within the large area that criminal law has become, the firm’s presence revolves around three axes.


A law practice area increasingly important (especially in Brazil), which includes financial crimes, tax crimes, crimes against the consumer, environmental crimes and in bidding procedures, unfair competition and antitrust, among others.

We hereby defend the companies and its representatives in criminal suits, police inquiries, police operations, investigations and accusation of frauds. We also provide legal counseling services, such as scenario analyses, risk management and due diligence procedures, especially for transnational companies.


The increased importance given by many to the corporate criminal area does not allow us to forget that the mechanisms of public repression are harsher on individuals. Even in police inquiries and criminal prosecution that involve companies, the outcomes are more severely felt by its representatives. Thus, we do not neglect the essential element of criminal law: to defend human rights dignity. Drug crimes, interpersonal conflicts, property crimes and jury trials compose the range of our activities and are very important to Sica Advocacia.

pro bono

Believing that legal profession has the duty, means and opportunity to promote a fair and equitable justice system and respect for human and constitutional rights, we find it our responsibility to provide pro bono legal services to less privileged people, especially in Brazil, where government resources for legal services organizations are insufficient to satisfy the critical legal needs of many.

Restrained to our availability, we divide our practice between non assisted people, victims of notable injustices as well as paradigmatic cases, those in which legal thesis can help case law echo in other citizens’ rights.

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